Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas – A Time of Prayer and Healing

While Advent is a season of hope, and Christmas is a season of joy, not everyone feels hopeful or like celebrating. Grief, illness, aging, depression, loneliness, unemployment, and loss are magnified. Even those who are not struggling with losses may feel the stress of preparations and expectations around Christmas time. A Blue Christmas service provides a time and place of solace during the often frenetic days surrounding the celebration of Christmas.

We at Prince of Peace invite you to join us on December 15th at 4 p.m. for a Blue Christmas time of prayer. We welcome all who want to experience the Christmas season through prayer amidst grieving, sorrow, or a softer place to experience Christmas. We will come together seeking healing and room to share grief, sadness, loneliness, or confusion when these emotions can feel out of place during the holidays. Our Blue Christmas will include music, reflection, scripture, and prayerful times of healing.

Come and join us as we embrace this season to experience the hope of Christ.