Friday Morning Women’s Book Club



We will be meeting in room 213 across from the church office at 10 AM on July 27. 

Join us for a discussion of 2 books written by Caryl Dierksen. The books are Teaching Mysteries 101 and Strike.  The author will be in attendance because she lives in Rockford. 

The setting is the 1970’s – a time of mini-skirts, the peace movement, anti-war demonstrations. We’re following a first year English teacher who teaches in northern Illinois. She’s teaching a mystery class and her students expect to learn how to be detectives rather than reading mysteries. During the first few weeks of class, one of her students has an accident. Of course, her students want to investigate and the sleuthing begins.

Her second novel is Strike and is a sequel to Teaching Mysteries 101. There is a threat of a teacher’s strike and during the strike a murder takes place.  Is the death connected to the strike? Find out what happens in this compelling book.


If you have questions, please contact Kathy Tweeten: Click here. Hope to see you there.