65th Anniversary Board of Serving Event

The Board of Serving Ministries invites you to participate in our June anniversary event! We’ll be celebrating this congregation’s caring response to the needs of the residents in our community and the greater Chicago area. Most recently, welcoming new refugee families with furnishings for their apartments and food in their refrigerators and cupboards has brought out a higher level of generosity and commitment to “love our neighbors.” 

Take a walk around the hallways and you will find some special artwork. The Ministry of Hope Award from LSSI in 2005 recognized Prince of Peace for its exemplary ministries to the homeless, the hungry, English language learners, etc., in addition to children in LSSI’s foster care program. The framed beaded cross was gifted to us by our missionaries, Dr. Steven, and Bethany Friberg, when they visited in 2018. It was handcrafted by the Maasai women in Tanzania. 

Activities will include: 

–playing a Serving Ministries version of the Scattergories game, for all ages; 

–writing thank you notes to first responders, such as police officers, firefighters, and para-medics/EMTs—for all ages; note cards/paper will be provided; 

–writing letters to Congress advocating for legislation that is important to you. We will provide stationery for writing letters to our Senators, Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, and your Representative–either Raja Krishnamoorthi, or the Rep for the district you live in. 

1) We will have information on issues regarding food insecurity. The ELCA and other faith-based organizations, including Bread for the World, are encouraging advocacy in support of increased funding for and expansion of hunger alleviation programs such as SNAP benefits, which will be included in the 2023 Farm Bill. If you choose, you can use your cell phone and scan a QR code that links you to the Bread for the World website, which will enable you to send an electronic letter directly to your Congresspersons on hunger issues. There may be other online options. 

More information can be found at https://blogs.elca.org/advocacy/gfc-farm-bill-advocacy and www.bread.org/act/ 

2) We will have information on advocacy that is encouraged by the ELCA, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and Viator House of Hospitality—to rebuild and restore a humane and just asylum system; to prioritize refugee resettlement; to vote NO on legislation that would end asylum. There may be online options. 

More information can be found at www.elca.org and www.lirs.org/advocate/ 

Our take-home remembrance of the event will be stickers and votive candles.

Be the light!