Live Generously



We are to grow grateful generous stewards of God’s gifts in our changing church, community and world.

February 7, 2021

Mission Minute: Did you know that approximately $20 billion dollars was spent last year celebrating Valentine’s Day? That’s 180 million cards, 198 million roses, 58 million pounds of chocolate, 36 million heart-shaped boxes and millions more on jewelry and other presents. But, as anyone who has ever given a gift knows, the recipient’s heart-felt appreciation and mutual affection is priceless!

God celebrated love and presents first by sending Jesus – a gift of immeasurable value. It is that generous, gracious gift to the world that motivates us to offer more than just roses and heart-shaped boxes on Valentine’s Day. Let’s find ways this year to offer our time and our attention, making this day devoted specifically to “Love” in all its forms. It seems the perfect opportunity to remind those around us, “You are loved beyond measure and never alone.”

 Growing our Faith through Generosity. Thank you for your gifts!


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