Weddings & Baptisms


Couples desiring a Christian marriage service may be married at Prince of Peace or off-site by the pastor. This church believes and teaches that God creates each person as beloved, and all relationships may be blessed, regardless of couples’ sexuality and gender. The church’s pastor will work with each couple to create a meaningful service. Please contact the church office to check availability for wedding dates. Pre-marital counseling with the pastor is required for all couples desiring to be married.

A wedding booklet with a complete description of wedding policies and procedures and current fees can be emailed upon request. 


In the Lutheran tradition, both adults and children may be baptized. If you are an adult who is interested in baptism or the parent/guardian of a child you would like to have baptized, please contact the church office for more information at 847-885-7010 (

We understand that baptism is the entrance rite to the church. Thus, those participating in baptism become members of God’s church as well as members of the Prince of Peace congregation. Baptisms are normatively arranged during a regular worship service of the congregation. All parents/guardians, older children, and adult candidates for baptism will receive baptismal instruction prior to the baptism. There are no fees associated with baptism at Prince of Peace.