Weddings & Baptisms


Weddings may be scheduled at Prince of Peace for any couple who desires a Christian marriage service. The church’s Pastor will preside at the service. Please contact the church office to check availability for wedding dates.

Non-members are also welcome to be married at Prince of Peace, subject to the Pastor’s availability. A wedding booklet with a complete description of wedding policies and procedures can be emailed upon request. Wedding fees are $500 for church members and $700, including a $200 deposit at the time of booking a wedding date, for non-members.

Pre-marital counseling with the Pastor (usually 2 sessions) is required for all couples being married at Prince of Peace.


Members of Prince of Peace, or those who wish to become members, may bring children for baptism.  A baptism class for parents, taught by Pastor Clausen, is held monthly, usually the first Tuesday of the month, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.  Childcare is available by request during registration.

There is no fee for baptism or for the class.

Parents must register at least 2 weeks in advance by contacting the church office at 847-885-7010 (

Parents who are not baptized themselves should consider being baptized at the same time as their children. Please indicate this interest when signing up for the class.

Adults or older youth will receive special instructions prior to baptism; please contact the Pastor through the church office.