Board of Evangelism Event

Welcome to the Board of Evangelism event. While we celebrate our 65th Anniversary this year, today we are going to bring joy, inspiration and hope to each other and the congregation. This is a month where cabin fever and SAD are high so today we are going to reflect on positivity and gratitude through stories, quotes and Bible verses. 

You can discuss any of the writings we share or that are on your table with the group you’re sitting with, or you can go around to other tables for more reflections. There are sticky notes for you to write your own words of thanks, gratitude and encouragement and we will hang them around the church for others to experience. To bring joy to seniors in the Alden Poplar Creek community, we are excited to have the opportunity to write letters to the residents to provide them with words of inspiration. As a continued reminder of this joy, we have a motivational rubber wristband for you to take with you. When you need that extra pick me up, all you’ll have to do is look at your wrist!