Board of Serving Ministries

When our congregation donates food for the Schaumburg Pantry or the Hanover Township Food Pantry, it is the Board of Serving Ministries who makes sure the food gets to the right places for the people who need it. Our general food collection goes on all year, but we also have specific food drives. We normally have a food drive in the fall to collect special food items for holiday meals like Thanksgiving. There is also another special collection in the spring. Usually around Easter. For some of our neighbor families, special foods for holiday meals are not affordable. During the summer months our board sponsors a mobile food pantry for our neighbors in Hanover Park and Streamwood.

Click here for a Schaumburg Food Pantry food list

Our fall Global Hunger Appeal is a program primarily addressed to our Sunday School and Preschool age children, to learn about, and help fund a specific project to help alleviate world hunger. Sometimes we purchase bee hives, or ducks or chickens or even sheep and send them to families in countries that need to learn how to support themselves. The board selects a different charity each year.

And when our homeless neighbors come to us from October through April, it is our P.A.D.S. ministry that makes sure our guests have hot meals and a safe, warm place to sleep. 

We are also the board that collects the backpacks and school supplies for LSSI, along with the warm winter coats for Head Start. We also collect and wrap Christmas gifts for the LSSI Foster family program. We make sure the families that need those gifts receive them.

We are the board that interfaces with High School districts 211 and 214 that provides support and a meeting place for Read to Learn here in Schaumburg. Read to Learn is a program which provides materials and tutors for people whose native language is other than English. Those tutors help make assimilation into our culture easier.

The board of Serving Ministries also supervises the Stephen Ministries care giving program and the Kids Hope mentoring program. And new to our board is a ministry of caring for Holy Family School in the Lawndale area in Chicago.

If you would like to know more about us or join us, contact Mary Simonis:  Click here