Board of Worship

The Board of Worship brings together all the elements of worship.  This includes musicians, ushers, communion assistants and helpers, assisting ministers and lay readers, liturgical arts, Deaf Ministry, Screen projectionists and Altar Guild.  There are many spots for the congregation to be involved in creating the spiritual experience we see each Sunday.

The Board of Worship works behind the scenes preparing all of the careful orchestrations that take place during our service. Before the service flowers are set in place, bread is baked and cut, wine and grape juice poured, the alter is dressed and banners are hung. Following the services, there is a flurry of activity to clean up so we can be ready for the next week or other activities that have been planned for the space. This is all done in the glory of our Lord Jesus. If you would like to help in serving the people of Prince of Peace, please contact Kathy Tweeten: Click here.