Book Club


The Prince of Peace Book Club will have a zoom meeting June 26, 2020 at 10 AM.  We’ll be discussing Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann.  This book investigates a series of murders of wealthy Osage people In Osage County, Oklahoma in the early 1920’s after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land.  

The Osage Native Americans were awarded the rights in court for the profits made by oil pumped from their land.  However, administrators set up a long, complex process for the profit distribution.  Very few if any of the Osage people actually received any money.  

Wealthy Osage people were killed (at least 20) because of their ties to oil.  This book shows the newly formed FBI’s investigation of the murders and the people who plotted to keep the oil profits for themselves.

An email will be sent out to the club which will have a link to attend the zoom meeting.  Hope you can join us in our discussion.  If you have any question, please contact Kathy Tweeten Click here