Men’s Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study is a small group devoted to the reading and study of the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible.  We seek to understand how God speaks to us as individuals and as a community of faith through His written Word.

One way we do this is by identifying the historical context of the passage we are reading.  For example, who wrote the passage, to or for whom was the passage written, when was the passage written, what do we know about that period of history, and why was the passage written or what situation is being addressed?

Our meetings are held in a relaxed environment on Monday evenings. We meet year round at 7:00 PM. Occasionally we do something recreational, such as watching a televised sports activity together or simply sharing a meal in fellowship.  You may wish to join us to become acquainted with the Bible, to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, and/or to share fellowship with other men with similar interests.

Is this your calling?  For more information, please contact Roger Simonis or Mark Gamb:  Click here