Children and Family Ministry

Children and Family Ministry

Walking the journey of faith is exciting! We have developed a variety of growth experiences for your child. Each of these “stepping stones” is designed to help children in their faith development. The stepping stones of faith include:

Baptism: Typically done during the first year of a child’s life. Baptism is a sacrament of the church in which God’s love is extended to your child. At the time of baptism you will receive a Certificate of Baptism for you and your sponsors; a Baptismal Napkin; and a Baptismal Candle. These candles are used again at the time of the dedication of three-year-olds when they begin Sunday School.

Toddler Stepping Stone: For one and two year olds, an introduction to Bible stories.

Blessing of Three Year Olds: In the fall as they begin Sunday School.

Prayer Pillow Partners: First grade children are teamed with a Junior High or High School student and agree to pray for each other every day.

Presentation of Bibles: In second grade all children receive their own Bible. Classes are held on Sunday mornings to introduce children to the Bible.

First Communion: A First Communion workshop introduces 3rd graders and their families to God’s gift of Holy Communion. Following the workshop a worship service is held where the children celebrate Holy Communion for the first time with their families.

Family Building Retreat: An all-day retreat with parents is held for 4th graders. In this retreat a connection is made between the children, their parents and the community of faith.