Welcome to Prince of Peace Preschool!

Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year!  Please go to our registration page for a link to our registration.

Prince of Peace Preschool is a ministry of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. We began the process of nurturing, educating and providing a safe environment for young children in 1967. Since then we have been an integral part of the early childhood education programs in the Northwest suburbs. Our goal is to instill a lifetime of Christian values in discovery each day.

Guiding Principles of our Program                      

Each child is a unique and special creation of God with his/her own gifts and abilities.

Children learn through direct involvement and experiences with their environment.

Children learn by seeing, hearing and modeling appropriate behaviors and language.

Children’s relationships with each other and their families are highly significant to them at this time in their lives.  Our program encourages the involvement of parents and family members.

Building the foundations for important learning, our program values each child’s potential and creates an environment that allows the child to develop this potential.

Our program fosters an enthusiasm for learning, a sense of caring, an understanding of Christian values and a positive self-image.

Preschool Contact Information

Michelle Herberling, Director – Phone: 847.885.7036


930 W. Higgins Rd.

Schaumburg, IL  60195