Blessings Abound

“At Prince of Peace you are accepted for who you are and encouraged to embrace your talents and differences as you grow in your faith. The members of the congregation live God’s love by caring for each other, becoming an extension of family, and giving back to the world around them through community efforts, international donations and mission trips around the country. There are InterFaith events that encourage finding common ground and sharing love and peace with those of different religions. This is a congregation that never stops growing or giving back!” – Danielle, member 5 years

“Our youth group, Emerge, is a very important part of Prince of Peace to me. If you’re looking for a safe and welcoming place to hang out with Junior and Senior high schoolers just like yourself, consider trying Emerge, it’s life changing.” Charlie, Senior in high school

“We attend Prince of Peace because it is our home, our family. Four generations of our family are members. Prince of Peace strengthens my spirit, soothes my soul, refreshes my heart and love for our Lord and Savior.”  Linda, member 40 years.

“I love Prince of Peace as the congregation has given me the opportunity to grow in faith and in service. Participating in worship and in fellowship groups has allowed me to share my faith with others and learn from their experience. If you are looking to be blessed and be a blessing to others, please join us!”  Roger, member 33 years