How Do I Join?

Prince of Peace offers an informal new member meeting each month; this meeting is also open to individuals simply desiring more information about our church. The meeting lasts 1½ hours and a new member advisor will engage you in a friendly conversation about what it means to be Lutheran, answer your questions about membership, and provide information about becoming involved in Prince of Peace through worship, fellowship, small groups, and volunteerism.  Please call the church office, 847-885-7010, or email Click here for the next meeting date or to have a new member advisor contact you.  Qualified childcare will be provided during the new member meeting with two weeks notice. Registration is required to attend.

You need to be baptized to become a member. We do not require a baptismal certificate for verification, an approximate date is fine.  If you have not been baptized, or have any doubt of being baptized, Pastor Clausen will joyfully help you with this matter – contact Pastor Clausen directly at 847-885-7010.